Thursday, October 7

Garfield moment

I'm tired. Nothing to do with my company nor the work but I think this is normal for people who have been working for quite some time. I don't know, is 13 years already that long? I remember my first immediate supervisor once told me that I will easily get burnt out from work given my work style.
I was listening to our big boss yesterday and for some reason my mind is floating. The bad part is, I try to cover it up by eating, drinking coffee. Bad bad bad....I just have to share this.
I am now looking at garfield. It's just a sticker i placed on top of my table. How I envy him. He eats lasagna, watches TV, plays with his friend dog and still loved by people.

Friday, June 25

Good old times

It's been years since I attended a planning session held in a hotel, and a five start hotel at that. What does that mean, that the good times are back. In FY09 when economy was bad, our company had to be pro-active in managing our cost. It was good in the long term as obviously, we survived the year and I still have a job, yey!

I'm not really a fan of hotels. Except for the ambience, there's nothing special about the place. So for events like wedding, birthdays I would rather choose a different venue. But for planning session, the activity is definitely not enticing thus it makes sense to have a good ambience.

I am just feeling great today. I feel blessed that I get to experience this again :-) not to mention I loooooove the restrooms!!!!!

Monday, April 26

What to do???

Attending an 8-5:30pm training on a Friday, not checking emails on weekends, having global leads arrive for the week...waaaahhhhhh!!!! goodluck to me. I am overwhelmed and it's just Monday. Ok, let's do this step by step...breath in, breath out....

Thursday, October 1


In my 30+ existence in this world, I never considered running as an activity. I always itch everytime I attempt to do so. For those who've witnessed it, it's not a normal itchy feeling but one that will make you really stop, scratch and even cry. Why would I want that experience right? So I decided not to do it at all. I'd rather perform other cardio activities except running.

This year, a lot of people convinced me to try it. Since I've been inconsistent with my workout for the past 6 months, I really gained weight. My friend in the gym told me that running is very effective in losing weight. Despite all the convincing still I dont want to try it.

We all know that there's a marathon fever happening and a lot of my friends are so into it. One rainy evening, I decided to give it a try. I went to UP and to my surprise I finished 2 rounds and felt less itchy. The itch was bearable that I stopped only for a few minutes. I can't believe it myself. Not so much that I was able to run (as I am into other cadio activities) but more of that I didn't experience that breath-taking itchy thing. I hope this is the start of something new and I look forward to my next jog :-) I got so inspired that I bought a new pair of running shoes!!!! ...Hop hop hop

Monday, September 14

I am not an ambitious person

When i was starting my career my end goal was to be the head/director/lead in the field I belong to. Everytime our big boss then would talk in front of the big crowd i'd always say "someday I will be like her."

After 12 years in the corporate world and in the same field, I realized that I am not am ambitious person. I thought I'd be happy once I reach that level but now that I am still a few steps away from that, I already know that I will never be happy, that it's not what I want. The rest of the world thinks that I am competitive. No I'm not, I just want to give my best in whatever work/task that is given to me. I think the right word is "responsible." Management gives me this role therefore I perform to what is expected of me. But if asked if I'm happy? No. I feel it's an obligation.

What makes me happy is balance in life. I dont want to work on weekends. I dont want to stay up late just because of work. I want time for myself and for my family. I want time to do others things I love such as sports, exercise, watch movie, watch TV. Once I have my own family, I want to spend time with them. These things make me happy.

I guess priorities in life change once you grow old.

Wednesday, June 24


Is a behavior which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite procrastination as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. - Wikipedia

I've been teaching Time Management and I always stress in class that this is one of the behaviors one should avoid. Easier said than done. SInce I was a kid, I used to procrastinate. I remember when we were in high school, me and my sister used to have study tables beside each other. I was wondering how come by 8pm she's done with all of her assignments and even if she has an exam the following day, she can still finish by that time. I even quizzed her just to check whether she really studied and yes, she was able to answer my questions. In college, it was the same thing. I would normally not sleep especially during exam week while my sister is there sleeping soundly. Guess what, she graduated with honors but this is another topic. Now that I am already working, I always experience "rushing" some of my deliverables. That was when I came to realize that I kept on delaying things.Wishing that I can defer it simply because I dread doing the work. As a result, I tend not to be productive and highly stressed.

Questions in my mind -- perhaps it's time to really think whether I like what I'm doing or do I have need to go to a more stressful environment (my gosh, if you dont classify my current one as such, i can't imagine what it's like out there), or do I need to seek a psychologist (it might be a too abnormal behavior).